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Hello! My name is Debbie Critchfield and I am honored to be elected as your next Superintendent of Public Instruction for Idaho. I am ready to serve our students, educators, parents and state.

My husband Dave and I raised our four kids on our farm in Oakley, where they attended local public schools and I was a ten year school board member. In 2014, I was appointed to the State Board of Education, serving a total of seven years— the final two years as Board President. After twenty five years in educational leadership positions from the district to state levels, I’m prepared and excited to serve as your next State Superintendent.

Education is a state constitutional obligation, and our teachers deserve more, our parents expect more, and our kids need more. Skills and job-readiness are the core of my vision for Idaho education and that starts with the fundamentals and continues throughout as we prepare Idaho kids for their careers and develop independent and engaged citizens necessary to sustain our republic.

My goal is to have an effective and transparent transition and I am working hard to be prepared to serve Idaho kids on day one.

In the coming weeks, this website will be updated with several important links, including transition announcements, the names of my transition committee, application information and materials, if you are interested in joining the Department, and a point of contact for any questions.


Debbie Critchfield